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HONYAKU USA Recruitment

Honyaku USA constantly recruits home-based translators, checkers, and DTP operators.
For job application/ inquiries to become a Honyaku USA staff, please contact us by filling out the application form on the service site below.
Translation service site (home-based translators, checkers, DTP operators, and localization engineers, etc.)
*Now we are mainly recruiting English-Japanese/Japanese-English translators.

■Registration flow from applying
Input & data transmission to the application form
Screening with profile
Trial guidance from Honyaku USA
※ Only those who have passed the screening by profile
Trial examination
Registration guidance from Honyaku USA
※ Only those who have passed the Trial
Submission of the required documents
※To get registered as a Honyaku USA staff, you are required to take our own Trial, and obtain more than a certain performance level.
※For questions, please contact us by E-mail ( Contact by phone is not accepted by us.
※In some cases, we might keep you waiting for a few days until notifying the profile screening result after your job application. Please acknowledge it beforehand (especially for year-end and new year holiday season, the waiting time is expected to become longer along with the long-term holiday).
■Application Form
  Objective ※Required
  (multiple choice allowed)
   Translator  Translation checker  Native checker  DTP operator  Localization engineer
  Name ※Required   
  Address ※Required   Zip code: 
  Phone ※Required   
  Email address ※Required   
  Specialized language ※Required
  (multiple choice allowed)
   English-Japanese  Japanese-English  French-Japanese  Japanese-French
   German-Japanese  Japanese-German  Italian-Japanese  Japanese-Italian
   Spanish-Japanese  Japanese-Spanish  Portuguese-Japanese  Japanese-Portuguese
   Russian-Japanese  Japanese-Russian
   Traditional Chinese-Japanese  Japanese-Traditional Chines
   Simplified Chinese-Japanese  Japanese-Simplified Chinese
   Korean-Japanese  Japanese-Korean
  【Other】Please type in the translation language. 
  Education ※Required   
  Biograph ※Required   
  ※In addition to your educational background and work experience, please write your concrete
  translation experience as much as possible within your permissible range, such as where
  / on what translation you have worked, and what you have translated as a freelance, etc..
  Translation work experience
  Please select the applicable range of your translation work experience.
   ※Please inform us the number of years you have translated as occupation.
  Translation field ※Required   Please select your specialty areas with expertise.
  ※If you own the translation support tools such as Trados, please let us know your track record and
  its version with your ownership.

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