Order sheet

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If you use Internet Explorer 6 or 7(Standard setting).
Order merchandise can not come into the basket .
Because the our new server security was strengthened.
The processing called Cookie gains access for your browser
and leave information temporarily.
The Cookie records the content etc. of your shopping basket.
But it does not include your private information.
Please do the next setting temporarily to transmit
the private information of your name and address etc. more safely.
And please transmit the order form once again.

Please Display the screen of [tool]-[Internet option]-[privacy]-[setting].
Please Lower the level downward from [the middle](Standard).
Please Set up it to [accepts all the Cookie].
Please Push [O.K.] and close the window.

Or the security level falls a little, Please use [Add to basket (Normal)] button.

When the order finished,Please do reverse processing.Return the level to (Standard).

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Please transfer it to the frontpage that pushes the [Back] button of the browser.